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09/19/14 08:20 pm
Bring You Back is updated.
09/19/14 01:27 pm
Redemption has been updated, sorry it took me so long. I would write and it seemed off.
09/19/14 11:48 am
updated Viva Las Vegas
Sequin Trackmore
09/19/14 04:12 am
Start of Ch. 4 posted in Speedway Spiral. More to be posted as I have a chance around NASCAR this weekend. Enjoy, please review.
09/18/14 02:49 pm
Sorry I haven't updated in awhile. Hoping to get something up either tonight or tomorrow.
Sequin Trackmore
09/18/14 01:07 am
Chapter 3 of Speedway Spiral posted. Please review and let me know what you think.
09/17/14 09:29 pm
working on some older stories
Sequin Trackmore
09/17/14 08:30 pm
Chapter 2 of Speedway Spiral posted. It's a bit racy. Enjoy!
09/17/14 05:09 pm
Updated spiritus vitae woot woot
Sequin Trackmore
09/17/14 10:53 am
Working on addition to Speedway Spiral. Hoping to post later today. Hard to write about Tony Stewart after the news yesterday, but powering through it.

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And the Winners Are...

I want to thank the ones who submitted nominations and voted in both rounds. There will have to be more input next year (November) in order for these awards to continue to be yearly or in existence.

Congrats to all the winners.

--Penni on 05/16/14 8:12 am 15 Comments
Help Wanted!
If you are interested in helping/making graphics for the 2013 FFN AWARDS, please email me at I need a handful of you to help as I don't have the time to actually make them this year.

--Penni on 04/28/14 6:11 am 1 Comments
Voting is Now Open!
The Final round of voting is NOW open. Please take some time to check out the nominees and submit your votes. Voting ends May 4th at 11:59 est. (

--Penni on 04/22/14 5:31 pm 0 Comments
Voting is Now Open!
The Semi-Finals round of voting is NOW open. Sorry for the delay. Please take some time to check out the nominees and submit your votes. Voting ends April 20 at 11:59 est. (

--Penni on 04/06/14 3:02 pm 9 Comments
Nomination Submissions
Since I am not able to update the awards site, nominations submissions are still being accepted. :)

--Penni on 04/05/14 3:41 pm 0 Comments